Auger Dry Product Filler

Auger Dry Product Fillers

Auger Fillers are well suited for the filling of dry products, powders, granules, glitter, or seeds. In some special cases Auger Filling Systems can also be used for filling viscous or chunky liquids. Any application that requires a small to medium measured amount of free flowing dry product be put into a bottle or container a Auger filling machines is usually the most cost effective choice. Auger filler feature simple designs that allow for easy cleanup, maintenance, and rapid changeover. These machines are suitable for the food industry with all contact parts made of food grade materials and sanitary stainless steel.

The fillers deliver product by way of a spinning auger screw inside a supply hopper. Each revolution or partial revolution of the auger moves a set amount of product through a nozzle to the container. Once initially setup the augers revolutions can be increased to deliver more product or reduced to deliver less.

While sometimes capable of handling special liquid projects auger fillers are best suited for accurate, repeatable filling of dry products. Auger fillers are not the fastest way to fill dry materials, but often times are the most cost effective solution for low to medium production jobs.

Low Production Volume

Semi-automatic Overflow Filler


Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers require someone to manually place and remove containers. Good operators can see speeds up to 10 containers per minute.

Average Production Volume

Automatic Overflow Filler

In-line Automatic

Automatic Auger Fillers automatically place, index, and remove containers from a conveyor line to be filled. These systems are great for projects ranging from 10 up to 30 containers per minute.

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