Net Weight Liquid Filler

Net Weight Liquid Filling Machines

Net Weight Fillers are best suited for filling liquids in bulk quantities such as five gallon pails or drums. They are also sometimes used for smaller quanties products that have a very high manufacture value. Finally certain products must be sold by weight for commercial reasons and a new weight filler is the only choice.  Examples of bulk products may include, cleaning chemicals, enzyme solutions, oils, specialty adhesives, paints, or dissolved metal acids.

Operating Net Weight filling equipment is very easy. A container is placed on a weigh scale and product from the bulk supply is pumped until the target weight has been achieved. Once the target weight has been hit the machine automatically closes the pump valve.

Overall net weight filling machines are specific to bulk filling project or operations that weight filling is the only practical (and sometimes legal) type of filling available. Jobs that requiring small fills or higher production volumes should consider an alternative filling method.

Low Production Volume

Semi-automatic Net Weight Filler


Semi-Automatic Net Weight fillers require someone to manually place and remove containers. Good operators can see speeds up to 5 largecontainers per minute.

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